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The south of Uganda has been suffering from the highest HIV infection rate in the world. Parents die of AIDS, just when their children need them most. An extended family can be their new home. Fortunately there is enough food in this farming district. But who will pay their school fees, provide medical aid and help them grow up? That is where ICCF Holland helps in the hope that they will be able to take care of themselves, and their children, in the long run.

The ICCF Holland foundation

We are a small organisation, run by volunteers. 99% of the money we receive is send to the project in Uganda. Our goal is to help the most needy children, from baby to adult. The work includes improving the health situation, running a primary and secondary school and support the boys and girls finish a professional education.

By concentrating on one single project we know the situation and directly talk to the staff there. If you want to sponsor a child we can discuss what boy or girl will fit you best.

with Paypal. For other ways to donate, see this page.


The financial report for 2021 is available (PDF).

January 2022: Good news: the school has reopened! After a year of lockdows we can start 2022 with the children in the classroom. We hope it stays this way and they can catch up the missed lessons.

Spring 2021: I had just reported that the school reopened, now there is a new lockdown. Unfortunately all schools will remain closed for 42 days to stop the virus from spreading. That this suddenly changed is because there is an unexpectedly sharp rise in cases in Uganda.

Summer 2020: Corona also affects Uganda. The school at the project is currently closed. Also see the news page.

March 2020: Bram visited the project. You can read his report on the news page.

An older video of Kibaale is now available on Youtube. This one is from 2005, but still completely relevant. Watch the Video

A very nice video from our partner organisation shows the work we are doing in Kibaale: watch it on Vimeo.

You can find recent pictures on Jeff's blog.

This video gives a nice overview of what we are doing in Kibaale.

Want to know what is going on? Join the ICCF maillist.

We are now accepting donations in the form of Bitcoins. See the Bitcoin donation page.

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The leaflet (in PDF format)

Are you a sponsor and you did not hear from us for a while?
Please send us an email message: bram @ iccf . nl
If you moved, please let us know your new address!

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